Emergency COVID-19 Funding 

Funding Application


ACAA considers it essential to assist community members who are at-risk due to the COVID-19  pandemic’s increased health and related economic and social impacts. Through funding support from the  Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP), ACAA is able to provide individuals and families support in addressing some of the financial impacts experienced as a result of COVID-19. Eligibility will apply to off-reserve status and non-status Indians, un-affiliated Métis, and Southern Inuit Aboriginal Peoples. Funding is limited to a one-time allocation which will be determined on prioritization of need. Applications are now  being accepted to receive supports within the following areas:  

  1. Essential Goods  

  2. Housing and Shelter 

  3. Communications & Utilities  

  4. Cleaning Supplies 

  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

  6. Health and Medical Support 

  7. Educational Support for Children & Youth 

Please note: Emergency COVID-19 Funding is limited, and submission of this application does not guarantee funding. This will be determined on a case by case basis and dependent on the number of applications received.  


Funding is restricted to a one-time allocation only per household. To be eligible for the Emergency COVID-19 Funding  you must meet the following requirements:  


  • be a resident of Alberta as of March 15, 2020, and living off-reserve;  

  • be at least 16 years old on the date you apply; and 

  • must be First Nation (Status and/or Non-Status), un-affiliated Metis and/or Inuit.

Application Form

Apply now for the Emergency COVID-19 Funding, a one-time payment for Alberta residents and who have been impacted due to COVID-19. Your personal information is protected and secure when you apply. 

Printable Emergency COVID-19 Application Form

Fillable Emergency COVID-19 Application Form Note: You will still need to print the form to sign the PDF for final submission.


Apply by submitting your form online via the ACAA website or by email to covid19@aboriginalcongress.com.  Applications will take a minimum of 2-5 days to be processed.



Should you have any questions regarding the application, eligible, and status of your application contact: 

Emergency COVID-19 Response Worker 

P: 780.699.8103

E: covid19@aboriginalcongress.com 

W: aboriginalcongress.com

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