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Native Counseling Services of Alberta (NCSA) has been providing programs and services designed and delivered for Indigenous people, by Indigenous people in Alberta for over 50 years. We started by providing Courtworker assistance with the goal of attaining fair and equitable treatment for Indigenous people across the province. Some of their courses include: 

  • Indigenous Court work Program
  • Indigenous Housing First
  • Residential School Health Support
  • Family Reconciliation Program
  • Indigenous Youth Housing First
  • Indigenous Offender Reconciliation
  • Kiyahktowin Visitation Program (St. Paul, Cold Lake & Bonnyville, Stoney Plain)
  • Family Reconciliation Program
  • Wahkomiwew Connections Program (Grand Prairie, St.Paul, Cold Lake, Bonnyville, Stony Plain)
  • Wapekin Program (Stoney Plan)

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Department of Justice New Department of Justice Canada online course on Family Violence and Family Law. 

The free course, which has been accredited by law societies, provides information about family violence and family law and explains changes to the Divorce Act relating to family violence. While the course was prepared with legal advisers in mind, it is available to anyone who is interested in learning more about these topics.


The family violence course is one of a suite of online courses we are developing on the changes to the Divorce Act. The first course, which is an overview course, is also available on the website.

Some courses include:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Legislative Amendments

  • Module 2: Division of Federal and Provincial Responsibilities for Family Law

  • Module 3: Parenting and the Best Interests of the Child

  • Module 4: Addressing Family Violence

  • Module 5: Changes to Support Enforcement

  • Module 6: Changes to Promote Dispute Resolution and Improve Processes Under the Divorce Act

  • Module 7: Duties of Legal Advisers and Parties

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