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To assert and bridge Indigenous rights by representing the interests of off-reserve individuals living in urban communities in Alberta.

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Indigenous communities and partners working together to improve the quality of life for all Indigenous peoples in the Province of Alberta.

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ACAA strives to give voice to all Indigenous peoples by listening, respecting, and honoring the diverse protocols, cultures, traditions, and languages of all. The ACAA organizational values focus on:

  • community;

  • collaboration; and 

  • connection.



The organizational objectives identified in this document will be executed in keeping with an aim to ensure the organizational capacity building of ACAA is grounded in a sound
foundational structure. These include continued development in the areas of:

  • governance capacity;

  • organizational capacity including enhanced staffing;

  • membership, marketing, and communications;

  • advocacy, research, and partnership building; and

  • prevention-focused educational programs and services.



ACAA's mandate is three-fold:

  • to lead governance matters in the community by creating space that values and is inclusive of Indigenous protocol, culture, and traditions;

  • to establish a shared and collective vision by building a positive and affirmative relationship and maintaining partnerships with various government ministries, community
    organizations and corporate entities; and

  • to engage actively and deliberately on issues that pertain to children and youth, housing and homelessness, and health and well-being, both in policy development and program advocacy.



Presently, there are 136,585 or 53% of First Nations peoples living in Alberta. Of the 45 First Nations that have reserves in Alberta 56% of First Nations peoples live off-reserve in urban areas. Statistics Canada reported in Edmonton there is a total of 76,205 Indigenous people who reside in this region, followed by Calgary with 41,645 Indigenous people in this region; and 8,215 Indigenous people living in the Wood Buffalo region. Many of these people are disenfranchised from their Nations and do not receive services or political support. This is the target population that ACAA hopes to serve.

Our member's identities and experiences are diverse, and their concerns different than those who have recognized Federal status. As such their needs are often overlooked and their contributions to the economy and society go unrecognized. To ensure all Indigenous people across Alberta have equitable access, recognition and the social supports required to experience a quality of life on par with all other Albertans, the ACAA Board of Directors must plan strategically.


To ensure the outcomes and objectives of our work reflects the needs of our members, it is essential that ACAA strive to build a strong foundation of core staffing who can build our
organization in the areas of:

  • advocacy and leadership;

  • research and social planning;

  • community liaison; and

  • communications.

Our work with be conducted both independently and in partnership with urban and rural Indigenous representative bodies such as the Alberta Assembly of First Nations, the Métis
Nation of Alberta, the Métis Settlement General Council, and any Inuit representative bodies. The goal of the ACAA Strategic Plan is to inspire advancement and move forward our objective to create change at a policy and rights-based level for the benefit of Alberta’s Indigenous off-reserve community in Calgary, Edmonton, and Wood Buffalo Regions.


The ACAA 2020-2025 Strategic Plan identifies the expertise, experience, and guidance required to engage and address the challenges and needs of Alberta’s off-reserve urban and rural Indigenous community. While this Strategic Plan identifies ACAA’s activities and objectives for the 2020-2025 period, it is recognized as a living document that will continue to evolve as we endeavor to meet the needs of our members and community.

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