Our existence relies on our members. Together, we are stronger and our voice becomes even more stronger when we gain a new member. It is about maintaining a connection to new and existing members who self-identify as First Nation, Metis and Inuit peoples, communities and corporate entities who share the same passion for our vision, mission and values. 



Any individual, community or corporate entity residing in Alberta can apply to be a member online through the ACAA website. We offer three types of memberships:


Membership is available for individuals, family, youth, seniors. Must be 18 years or older to have voting rights.

Membership Fee:



Membership is available to all Indigenous led non-profit organizations. 

Membership Fee:



Membership is available for Indigenous owned and operated businesses, industry and privately managed company's.  

Membership Fee:




Membership benefits include:

  • access to newsletter subscription for the latest tools and resources; 

  • discounted workshops and networking; 

  • advocacy support in navigating different policy or government processes; and

  • volunteer opportunities.



Every year, each member is provided with an opportunity to renew their membership. All memberships expire on July 6th of each year. The renewal fee is free. To ensure member information is relevant members can update their personal information by accessing the online application form. 



There is not cost to get a membership.



To apply to become a member of the ACAA complete the online application below or submit a form here and provide relevant documentation to prove Indigenous ancestry. If documentation is unavailable, please contact our office.  



Personal Information:
Urban / Rural Community Needs:
Please indicate what issues or areas of concern you would like the ACAA to focus its attention on, for yourself and your community.
Proof of Ancestry:
Please submit any documentation which may support your claim of Indigenous ancestry. ie: treaty status card, genealogy chart, previous out-of-province affiliate membership cards, etc 
Upload File
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)
Oath of Indigenous Status & Affiliation:

I, make a declaration that I am an Indigenous person as confirmed within Section 35 of the Constitution of Canada 1982, as follows: 35.(2) In this Act “Aboriginal Peoples of Canada” includes the First Nation, Inuit, and Metis peoples of Canada.


I am declaration that I am:

  • First Nations Status; 

  • First Nation Non-Status; 

  • Bill C-31

  • Metis without Membership; and/or

  • Inuit.


I believe and claim as Indigenous peoples we have the inherent right to self-determination, rights to: land, harvesting, hunting & fishing, to practice our Indigenous traditions and culture, and to the pursuit of justice and happiness for our people, our families, and for ourselves. I make the declaration that I have chosen to join the ACAA as the recognized Provincial Affiliate of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, and recognize the work being done to champion all Indigenous Peoples in achieving our collective goals, objectives and aspirations.


I pledge to respect, assist, and honour my Sisters and Brothers in a common cause. I pledge to follow the laws, policies and regulations established by the Aboriginal Congress of Alberta Association and the Congress of Aboriginal People, as amended from time to time by the Annual General Meeting’s of both ACAA and CAP. I pledge to actively participate, to the best of my capacity in scheduled meetings and deliberations as requested.  I will participate in this process in a respectful and honourable manner.


I swear that all the information provided by me in this membership application is true and correct and I understand that it is an offence to make fraudulent and misrepresenting statements. I understand that this is a formal document of the Aboriginal Congress of Alberta Association and may be used in a court of law if required to defend and champion our collective rights. By signing below, I, give permission for my name and membership number to be shared with the national office of the Congress of Aboriginal People and maintained on ACAA's registration file for reporting purposes. 


Your Signature

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